TAM 2380

TAM 2380 Integrated apparel design and production 1 (Patternmaking)


This course is an introduction to the theories and methods used to draft flat patterns and solve problems associated with designing clothing for a variety of user groups. Through this course, students develop an understanding of the relationship of the 2-dimensional pattern shape to the 3-dimensional body.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Utilize critical thinking skills to understand the basic relationship of the 2-dimensional plane to the 3-dimensional body in developing apparel patterns.

  • Utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to apply basic principles of flat pattern design to translate design ideas from block patterns into style patterns.

  • Understand the relationship between pattern development, styling, material selection, fit, and assembly.

  • Analyze the effect of fabric properties on pattern development.

  • Use creativity and critical thinking skills to develop accurate garment patterns with correct markings and seam allowances, relative to garment assembly and quality.

  • Conduct research on your chosen product and its relation to the industry, competition, and other market considerations & communicate ideas for designs through written and visual outputs.

  • Apply appropriate apparel assembly pre-production processes when translating ideas from design concept through finished garments/samples.

  • Understand, apply, and create designs which incorporate laser cutting as a surface embellishment.

  • Through the projects students: 

    • Explore creative apparel design ideas (creativity)

    • Problem Solve how to realize ideas (problem-solving)

    • Experiment with different media in 2 and 3 dimensions (critical thinking)

    • Develop presentation skills- oral and visual (visual literacy & creativity)

    • Document your creative process. The process is as important as the product


Designed by Courtney Rock. Modeled by Nadine Kaufman.