TAM 2580

Digital textile design and apparel applications

This course focuses on the development of textile design, apparel design, and portfolio development through the creative and technical use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. The course builds on the concepts you learned in TAM 2480. Learning content also emphasizes design research, graphic design and communicating designs through an online portfolio (website).


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

Digitally create textile print designs including repeats for various apparel markets using professional techniques.

  • Develop proficiency with design skills using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

  • Learn to use Photoshop to create seamless directional and non-directional prints, tossed prints, and coordinate prints.

  • Apply elements and principles of design

Develop skills to create photo-real prints suitable for digital textile printing

  • Learn to apply prints into CAD garment patterns.

  • Graphically represent textile prints on fashion croquis, model blanks, or 3D renderings of models.

Apply various methods of design research in incorporating forecasted trends and design inspiration in developing textile/apparel collection based on the specific market. 

Showcase your proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign through a website that you will develop in this class.


Repeat Print Collection

Courtney Rock Print only.gif

Textiles have a rich global history, and there in this project, I give students the opportunity to learn about the rich history, origins, meanings, and symbology of textile design from around the world as they create your textile designs. I encourage students to use this project, as an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the history, origins, meanings, and symbology of different cultures through the medium of textile design. To do so, we looked at cultural artifacts from The Missouri Historic Textile and Costume Collection to help guide their exploration into different motifs, styles, and techniques for their print collection. 

Overall Project Outcomes: 

  • An inspiration board that includes background research and color inspiration

  • Five textile designs (one focal print, and four supporting prints) which are culturally inspired. The motifs used in the designs are well researched and used purposively. 

  • Show each print in 3 colorways (original color combination and two alternate colors)

  • One original garment design on a croquis that showcases your prints 


Digital Textile Printing


The goal of this project was for students to develop a digital print and corresponding engineered scarf print that utilizes the advantages of digital printing technology. The students had the opportunity to print their scarf designed in this class on the department's digital textile printer. We teach this project with the intention that they will use this technology in upper-level courses.

Overall Project Outcomes: 

  • Create an inspiration and design process board

  • Develop one photographic based engineered textile print

  • Show the print on a designer garment from an aspirational company

  • Show the print on a technical illustration of the designer garment

  • Develop a coordinate scarf print (and have the option to print the scarf)


AATCC Concept 2 Consumer Student design competition


This is the culminating project for this course and the purpose of this project was for students to hone their digital textile design and apparel design skills through a fun design competition format! 

The design competition was AATCC’s 2018 Concept 2 Consumer Design Challenge.

 This year, the design challenge was to:gn a line of 3-6 apparel pieces for a specific outdoor activity that is both fashionable and functional to use in the rain.  This new line should enhance the outdoor experience while being used in the rain.

To complete this project, I supplemented student’s learning with discussions on technical textiles and readings from AATCC.

Students were encouraged to submit their final work to the actually AATCC competition.


Student Online Portfolios

In this course, students create their online portfolio. The purpose of this project in this course is provide students the time to develop a website, which they can update and revise throughout the rest of the career. For this class, I require that they develop a home page, about me, and a Digital Textile Design Page. On this page, students include the three main projects from this course. They annotate the projects, providing context to their work. At this point, I also encourage them to include other digital design work, projects from other studio courses, and any other supplementary works to showcase their apparel design skills.

Prior to starting the website, students read an article by Laurel Romeo titled, Industry professionals’ evaluation of apparel design student portfolios, and published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education (2017). Then, I give two lectures to help students start developing their websites. In the first lecture, students develop their design philosophy and site tree. In the second lecture, students explore different website platforms and evaluate other apparel student’s portfolios from a variety of schools.


Maia Loesche

A Creative and Technical Portfolio


Molly Wainscott

Online Portfolio


Maddie Sinn