User Experience PD LAB

The LAB is a synthesis of my past experiences with design technologies and current methodological inquiries, has led to the establishment of the User Experience Product Development Lab! And officially, it has one project under it's belt! 

Through design driven research & development and collaboration with end-users, this research lab utilizes the potential of today's advanced apparel technologies to create commercially viable, culturally relevant, and socially valuable apparel products. My vision for the lab is to be a platform for scholars and designers to foster short-term single-product based projects lasting an academic semester to one year. And to foster advanced development projects that span two to three years. Extended outreach aims to actively collaborate with other departments within the university as well as with other industries, companies, researchers, and experts. To read more about the lab, please read my Research Statement. 

Cornell Rowing Uni 2014

Are Lead Users good Designers?


Along with our industry partner, First2Print, the LAB developed practice uniforms for the Cornell Men's Rowing team. Read about this project on their blog, HERE!

Article featured in the Cornell Chronicle. You can read it for yourself, HERE!

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I am always on the hunt for industry, research, and consumer partners! 

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