In this portfolio, you will find visual and textual documentation of my teaching activities. An emphasis is placed on how I approach scholarship and I support this through links to sample materials. 

My discussion of teaching is organized into the following categories:

Teaching Philosophy

Recognizing that the apparel design process requires a highly sophisticated and specialized skill set it is important to foster a classroom environment that emphasizes inquisition and exploration, to which designers can develop flexibility and fluency in design. Within these environments, it is possible to equip students with the knowledge and skills base that is transferable and sustainable. My aim in educating student designers is to help them develop their conceptual, creative, analytical, and inter-personal skills that allow them be successful when transitioning to the apparel industry.  I place additional value on communication and collaboration skills. The emphasis on collaboration in the apparel industry has challenged the apparel studio environment from an individualist to a pluralistic approach to design.  Therefore, students must use both intellect and creativity to keep ahead of the curve.  The university setting provides a safe and trustful environment for students to engage in this intellectual challenge.


Last Updated: 11/10/2014